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Our Vision

Our vision will always be to serve as a lifeline for kids, one kid at a time. To accomplish this goal, we are seeking to expand our ministry into new schools and communities, and to reach further into the pre-teen/teen culture. Over the last ten+ years, Allen Area Young Life (Young Life, YoungLives, Capernaum and Wyldlife) has expanded into 2 high schools and 4 middle schools but that is not enough. 

We are working to develop a strong network of volunteer leaders and committee members who will serve specific communities within the area. With a strong support team of adults focused on these ministries we can continue the Young Life legacy in our community. Over the next five years our goal is to expand to have individual Wyldlife clubs for both ISDs and ISD camps. We have a strategy to get there; we know that all kids are "too important to ignore".

With our sudden growth we have a greater need than ever for volunteer leaders. If you would like more information about what that looks like, contact us (tab in navigation) or go to the link below:
Please email to sign up and be a volunteer!

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Phone: (806) 367-1091

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